Welcome to the Natural Areas Section of Florida Nature Guide!

This section of Florida Nature Guide is dedicated to those Florida lands which are preserved in their natural and unspoiled state.  Through these pages and links, our visitors will be provided important information and articles about the character of the areas featured.  Those seeking adventures in public lands will find that a majority of the information of interest can easily be located within these pages.

It is our hope to be able to provide resources for your research to identify areas which might otherwise be overlooked.  Resources within these pages are intended to assist individuals in locating public lands close at hand and  to provide information for planning their visit.  The links provided are generally to specific sections of identified websites rather than the homepage to avoid the need for navigating to the area of interest.

Many of these areas will also be found on the other sections of the Florida Nature Guide website under specific activities of interest.  The primary purpose of this section is to familiarize individuals with the lands available for recreation and provide as much visual or descriptive information as possible to benefit your enjoyment of outdoor adventures.

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