FWC Properties 2012 – 2013 Hunting Schedules

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) manages a great deal of the public lands in Florida for not only general recreational access, but hunting and fishing as well.  Although the reason for you visit may not be related to hunting, it is always good to know when others may be participating in this sport nearby.  With a little careful planning, you can not only avoid disrupting the hunting activities of others, but avoid being mistaken for game as well.

A recent article posted to our Florida Nature Guide home page provides links to the FWC 2012 – 2013 general hunting schedule for non-WMA properties as well as individual calendars for specific wildlife management areas.  Anyone planning a visit to a public land where seasonal hunting is allowed should download and print the articles for any properties of interest.  This can often allow you to still enjoy a rewarding visit to Florida’s natural areas while avoiding areas where an active hunt is in progress.

Check out our “Hiking With Hunters” article for more details and to download printable schedules from the FWC.

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