FWC Overview

Florida Wildlife Conservation Properties

A majority of the public lands (more than 5 million acres) are managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).  This important agency manages a broad array of outdoor recreational activities throughout the state and provides a great deal of resources for those seeking adventures in these natural areas of Florida.

In this section of Florida Nature Guide, additional pages and posts will be included with information regarding many of the areas managed by this agency as on-going research provides.  Every effort is made to keep this available information up-to-date and accurate by personal investigation or feedback from contributors to this site.

To assist visitors to our site in navigating the FWC resources, we have developed an article including specific tools availble from this agency.  You can follow this link to our WMA Brochures, or follow the links below to navigate the site.

Click this map to access the FWC areas alphabetical lists by geographic region webpage. This will allow you to search by region or county to identify managed properties and follow the associated links for additional information.FWS Hunting Map

For a list of FWC managed properties displayed geographically which can be viewed or printed, this link to the current public hunting areas map in PDF format can assist in determining which areas are near you.




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